4 Things I want High School Seniors to remember.

Taking these Senior Portraits have been one of our favorite sessions of the year. There is so much to say in these photos. Each photo tells a story. A story about their excitement, anticipation, dreams, hopes, fears, goals, and wonders. Every time we do a session like these, we can't help but bring ourselves back to that time in our lives and remember how exciting yet scary it was. 

When I see these Seniors, I am inclined to give a little advice as they venture into their new life chapter. 

1. Finish what you start. Whether it is college, a trade school, academy, project, goal, etc. Finish it. You started it for a reason. It will get hard. It will get boring. There will be times you want to quit and do something else. There will be times you will lose motivation. There will be times that you just feel over it. Push through those times. It will be worth it. The sense of accomplishment is such a reward. It will make you better in the long run..

2. Always be kind. Don't judge others. You just don't know what they have faced in their lives. You don't know what tragedies, challenges, personal trials that they have endured that have made them the way they are now. Just be kind to all and nothing bad can ever come of it! 

3. Always Be honest. It builds trust. Trust is everything. Integrity defines character. Once someone lies, they are no longer trustworthy. They can no longer be counted and depended on. They can no longer be believed about anything. They are seen as deceitful, slimy, sneaky, backstabbing, selfish, and manipulative. It isn't worth it. It just isn't.

4. Don't settle. Know what you want and go for it. If something falls short or isn't what you expected or hoped for, don't accept it. Keep working for what it is that you really want. Otherwise, you will have to live with regret.