Why weather doesn't matter when taking photos


With the snow storm that brewed today (out of nowhere), I felt compelled to discuss how weather affects our photo sessions and can catch us by surprise. Of course, if you are planning on a studio session this doesn’t apply. But, for those who were hoping for the outdoor backgrounds and themes that may apply, weather becomes a concern.

1.      Snow – we think immediately that it will be wet and cold! But not necessarily, and frankly winter clothing looks amazing in portraits! From fuzzy fur vests, to cute fluffy hoods, to tall rider boots and boot socks – it all photos very well. Personally, I like a little natural pink blush undertone to the skin that the colder weather creates as well.

2.      Rain – oh the rain. Working with umbrellas in photos is a favorite accessory of mine. I think it also adds to the often requested “candid” shot. Rain boots on kids is adorable too.

3.      Sun – well we think we all want the sun – until its 100 degrees outside. This still can be easily worked with. Bringing towels to dab at a glistening face in the sun, water to quench thirst, and utilizing shade all facilitate excellent photo quality.  One of my favorite summer/hot photos are with pants rolled up and feet dipped in a pond or stream

We don’t want our family portraits to be the same every year. So regardless of the weather outside, take advantage of the opportunity for variety!