Wardrobe Wednesday- What to wear?

Ah the million dollar question. What should I wear to my photo shoot? The answer is...almost anything! There are a lot of rules you can read about online, in blogs, or on Pinterest. But, really it is about what you feel good about yourself in. 

I can say however, that there are two rules I would follow.

One - steer away from busy patterns. Especially horizontal stripes. Busy patterns do take away from you as a model and can be very distracting. Horizontal lines as we all know - make us look wider than we are.

Two - steer away from anything that does not fit you tastefully. Nothing too tight, nothing too baggy. We don't want bulges and we don't want to take away from our figures either.

When it comes to family photos, there is a lot going on. There is more than one person to look at so when deciding on a wardrobe for you as a family, you will want to color coordinate so one person doesn't stand out more than an other. Don't be afraid of bright colors, or neutral with a splash of color.

When it comes to modelling or corporate head shots, naturally you want to dress professionally and modestly. Head shots are focusing on your face. Don't wear something that will distract from it. Keep your makeup simple and classy for corporate headshots, and almost unnoticeable for modelling head shots. Agencies want to see a clean face with little to no makeup. 

When it comes to senior portraits, it gets to be a little more fun. Every senior has different interests, hobbies, and things about them that make them who they are. You get to wear whatever you want! You get to add in extra props like a guitar, a lacrosse stick, art canvas, etc. Whatever it is, you can't go wrong! It is who you are.

When it comes to boudior sessions - you really could make anything tastefully sexy. Low cut, buttton down shirts, robes, sexy underwear/lingerie, ripped up low cut jeans, boy shorts, his tshirt or dress shirt, his motocross gear, his work uniform, etc. I get asked for ideas a lot. When wearing lingerie, you want it to stand out and be bright and/or bold in color. Red, royal blue, sapphire green, violet, bright pink, white, black, burgundy - these are ideal colors. Light colors blend in more with your skin, making the distinction between you and what you are wearing a little harder to visualize. Really, the easiest way to know what to wear for a boudoir shoot is to ask your man what he likes most! Or, if it is a surprise, pay attention to what he says and when he compliments you and what you are wearing. We can always work with that and spin it a little. If this is for yourself because of a new chapter in your life, or because you always thought it would be fun, just browse and shop until something catches your eye. I guarantee you, whatever it is that you pick, we can make it sexy.

In the end, what you wear will only be a part of the whole picture. You, your facial expression, and your mood are what will stand out the most. Be comfortable, be you.