Why I wish I had taken Maternity photos

I am a proud and blessed Mother of four children. I planned all my children. I looked forward to each pregnancy. I embraced my pregnancies with joy and fear of the unknown all at the same time.  I made healthy eating choices and I exercised daily.  I prepared and over prepared. I read every pregnancy book and what to expect every step of the way. I researched every baby product and studied every recall. I had my list. I made sure everything was ready. I did it all. Well....except for Maternity photos.

I truly wish I had taken Maternity photos.

Pregnancy was such a joyous time and I do not have documentation of any of them. I was at the time, very self-conscious of my weight gain. Of course I was to gain weight! I was pregnant! But, at the time, it was hard for me to embrace that one aspect of pregnancy. I was worried about my chubby face, my swollen ankles, and my growing backside. I let my vanity get in the way. I wish that I could have seen myself then the way I see other pregnant women. Absolutely beautiful! It really is such a miracle and seeing a maternal nurturing woman who is bringing a life into this world is something special that should be treasured through photos to always remember how one felt at the time. 

Don't be like me! Don't let that moment pass. When you are pregnant, do a photo shoot! You will NOT regret it!