5 Reasons to do a boudoir photo session

There are a number of reasons why you don't do a boudoir photo session that run through your mind. I'm going to share why you should! Ignore those negative thoughts that you tell yourself and know that if you were to do a boudoir photo session, you would not regret it!

Top Reasons To Do A Boudoir Photo Session

5. Your significant other will be ecstatic! Despite what we think, they think we are sexy, beautiful, and perfect. They want those photos they can look at whenever they want. It makes them feel proud to call you theirs. Trust me when I say that boudoir photos are the BEST GIFT EVER!

4. There is no time like the present. Really. There isn't. You aren't getting any younger, and you probably won't be any skinnier. Telling yourself that you will do it when you lose a few pounds, or when you have a sun tan, or a facial won't make a difference. Even if you were to do all those things, the planets won't align and you won't have time to schedule one.  That's just how life is. Besides that, those things really don't show up on camera. We have ways of only showing your best features. You will never feel that you are ready to do a boudoir shoot because frankly we are all critical of ourselves and will never feel perfect enough. But you are perfect enough already.

3. You get to get dolled up. Dressing up is fun! Putting on camera ready makeup, doing your hair nice, and wearing that risque article of clothing and heels you can't walk in is fun! Best of all - it gives you an excuse to go shopping!

2. It's a confidence booster. You will be amazed at how incredible you look. You will be in awe that it's you. I have seen it time and time again. 

1. You deserve it. You will get one or two hours to yourself. This can be your time. You deserve to be the center of attention. You deserve to let all of those other things in life that bring you stress to disappear just for a little while. You deserve a gift too.