Photo Trivia Tuesday - No one wants it more than we do!

Every Tuesday, we are going to share with you a little photo trivia or fun fact about photography, photo shoots, photographers, models, wardrobe, makeup, poses, you name it. 


Whenever we plan for a photo shoot, we stress out worrying about what we are going to wear, how we want our hair done, if we are having a "good skin day" or if we feel pretty enough, or skinny enough. We worry that our children will be cranky, grouchy, impatient and bored. We worry about the weather cooperating if it's outdoors. We worry about how the pictures will turn out. Will we even like them? Will everyone in the picture okay except so and so because they are doing this weird thing when they smile now days? I could go on and on. 

The reality is, we as photographers stress more than you do! We know how much effort and preparation goes into your photo session. We too worry about the weather, the good moods, the tired or hungry children, the awkward/uncomfortable husband who would rather be anywhere but there taking pictures, the teenager who is irritated that we ruined his Saturday, or the Mom who feels frazzled from getting her family ready, or the boudoir shoot where the client is feeling like they are having a "fat" day.

Trust me when I say that we want nothing more than to absolutely delight you. We want your pictures to be everything you have hoped for. We do everything in our power to calm you, entertain you, comfort you, and provide you with memories you can cherish for a lifetime.

The best thing you can do before your photo session is to go into it knowing that not everything will go perfectly. Expect a hiccup and roll with it. When you have that attitude, you can’t go wrong! Your photos will be even more natural and authentic that you could have dreamed of.  And – your photographers will be given the treasure of snapping that authentic moment to gawk over later.

We enjoy taking photos of all types. Family photos, children, senior portraits, action sports and sport portraits, modelling and corporate headshots, boudoir, and couples. Every time we get to pick up our camera and see the wonder through the lens, it is a gift. It is an art form that we understand. And because we see it that way, we feel compelled to produce the very best for you. 

Leave your worrying to us!