6 Major things to remember before your photoshoot


1.      DO NOT GO TANNING OR USE LOW QUALITY SELF-TANNERS. Tanning is awesome when we feel the winter blues or when we are cold, and it can give us a little glow when our skin is turning transparent. The problem is, that “glow” is sometimes very red! Even if you don’t burn in a tanning bed, it can come across slightly orange through the lens. The same goes for self- tanners. It is hard to find one that doesn’t give a light orange tint to it or shows more on dry areas of your skin such as elbows, hands, knees, etc.  It is best to just come as your pretty fair skinned self! We can adjust your skin tone darker A LOT easier than trying to remove redness or orange tint.

2.      BE CAREFUL ABOUT WAXING/SHAVING. This can cause redness, razor burn, or rashes. Make sure you always use a new razor if shaving, and when waxing, make sure to do so two days before your session.

3.      MANICURE HANDS & FEET. Be sure to remove all nail polish and trim your nails on hands and feet. If you can afford to do so, get a professional manicure and pedicure. These details are important. Having to take the time to photo shop poorly groomed nails is very tedious.

4.      PICK OUT WELL FITTED CLOTHING. You may be set on a particular outfit for your photo shoot but maybe it just doesn’t fit very well. Making sure your clothing fits nicely and not too tight is important because any tightness can cause unwanted bulging. However, you do not want clothing that is too loose or baggy. You do not want to appear sloppy.

5.      COME RESTED. Being rested is vital to a successful photo shoot. Tired eyes are also hard to remove from a picture! This is especially crucial when involving children. Scheduled your photo shoot around your child’s nap time J

6.      BRING YOUR CONFIDENCE. Once you get to your photo shoot, it is now up to your photographer. Be confident that they know what they are doing. Come open minded. Come relaxed. Enjoy yourself and your session! It will turn out amazing!