Sometimes candid shots are the best!

Sometimes when you photograph kids, they aren't always up for photos like you hope. Sometimes they are tired and yawning, hungry or bored, or just in a silly mood. Embrace these variables and capture those moments too! They can end up being some of the most entertaining photos that really emulate your family's personality.

4 Things I want High School Seniors to remember.

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Happy Easter!

Oh how I love Spring! The sun, the tulip bulbs that begin to bloom, the family of ducks that return to my yard every year, the occasional day to wear flip flops, the later sunsets, and the beginning of outdoor photo sessions in warmer weather! We at Studio Defy want to wish all of you a happy Spring and a Happy Easter.  May this bright new season bring you hope, joy, and new beginnings.

Why weather doesn't matter when taking photos


With the snow storm that brewed today (out of nowhere), I felt compelled to discuss how weather affects our photo sessions and can catch us by surprise. Of course, if you are planning on a studio session this doesn’t apply. But, for those who were hoping for the outdoor backgrounds and themes that may apply, weather becomes a concern.

1.      Snow – we think immediately that it will be wet and cold! But not necessarily, and frankly winter clothing looks amazing in portraits! From fuzzy fur vests, to cute fluffy hoods, to tall rider boots and boot socks – it all photos very well. Personally, I like a little natural pink blush undertone to the skin that the colder weather creates as well.

2.      Rain – oh the rain. Working with umbrellas in photos is a favorite accessory of mine. I think it also adds to the often requested “candid” shot. Rain boots on kids is adorable too.

3.      Sun – well we think we all want the sun – until its 100 degrees outside. This still can be easily worked with. Bringing towels to dab at a glistening face in the sun, water to quench thirst, and utilizing shade all facilitate excellent photo quality.  One of my favorite summer/hot photos are with pants rolled up and feet dipped in a pond or stream

We don’t want our family portraits to be the same every year. So regardless of the weather outside, take advantage of the opportunity for variety!


Why I wish I had taken Maternity photos

I am a proud and blessed Mother of four children. I planned all my children. I looked forward to each pregnancy. I embraced my pregnancies with joy and fear of the unknown all at the same time.  I made healthy eating choices and I exercised daily.  I prepared and over prepared. I read every pregnancy book and what to expect every step of the way. I researched every baby product and studied every recall. I had my list. I made sure everything was ready. I did it all. Well....except for Maternity photos.

I truly wish I had taken Maternity photos.

Pregnancy was such a joyous time and I do not have documentation of any of them. I was at the time, very self-conscious of my weight gain. Of course I was to gain weight! I was pregnant! But, at the time, it was hard for me to embrace that one aspect of pregnancy. I was worried about my chubby face, my swollen ankles, and my growing backside. I let my vanity get in the way. I wish that I could have seen myself then the way I see other pregnant women. Absolutely beautiful! It really is such a miracle and seeing a maternal nurturing woman who is bringing a life into this world is something special that should be treasured through photos to always remember how one felt at the time. 

Don't be like me! Don't let that moment pass. When you are pregnant, do a photo shoot! You will NOT regret it! 

Wardrobe Wednesday - Let's talk heels!

High heels are my VERY FAVORITE accessory!  Heels make every outfit complete - especially for a photo shoot!  The higher, flashier, and brighter - the better!

1.HEELS ARE FLATTERING. Not only do they make the photo, they flatter our legs! They define our leg muscles and give the appearance of a longer, leaner leg and they add height! 

2. HIGH HEELS DRAW ATTENTION. The add a focal point to your outfit. Your clothing could be plain in color and style, but add a heel and now you are wearing a stylish ensemble! It is the easiest way to dress up and sexy up!

3. ENHANCE CONFIDENCE. If you were to put on a pair of slippers, or put on a pair of heels, your confidence changes. Your attitude changes. Naturally, putting on a heel brings a sense of empowerment - like you are ready for "business".

Knowing what types of heels to wear when, is important. There are 4 types of heels:


Pumps are a classic style of heel with closed toes. This type of heel tends to look very professional, so it is often worn at the office. The heel lengths on pumps vary greatly in height, so a buyer can easily find one that suits the look she is trying to achieve.


Stilettos are a sexier type of heels. These heels are at least two inches tall, but many are four inches or more. Stilettos are the ultimate high heels, but they may not be suitable for all settings, such as wearing them in a conservative office environment.


Wedges refer to the style of the heel which looks like a wedge. These are a comfortable choice when a woman has to wear heels for extended periods of time. Wedges come in a variety of heights and styles. Although they are commonly worn during the summer, there are styles of wedges appropriate for other seasons. A woman can even purchase wedge boots.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a very short heel that is a popular choice. This is a useful type of shoe because it is short enough to walk in easily and is more casual than some other types of heels. Kitten heels look lovely with summer dresses, but they look just as good when worn to run errands.


The heel trends for 2016 are pointed toes and statement heels. Heels that make a statement by the sparkle, jewels, colors, ribbons, patterns, etc.  When considering heels for a photo shoot, we recommend a pump or wedge for family photos, senior portraits, or full bodied corporate photos. For the boudoir shoot or modelling and fashion shoot, we recommend a stiletto. 

As I am writing this blog, I am realizing that my heel selection is slim. Time to go shopping!




Studio Defy has a new location!

Studio Defy has a new location!

Studio Defy moved! New location for boudoir, senior portraits, family photos, modelling and corporate headshots, fashion photography, and sports photography is 2046 Murray Holladay Rd, Ste 204, Holladay, UT 84117