It is all very simple really. Studio Defy was created after 10 years of photographing families, individuals, and models as a hobby. We have always seen photos to be a work of art. To be able to preserve a moment in time forever is priceless. When life is as busy as it is, those memories fade over time. The moments that you have in your relationships/marriages/families are just as important as all of your other moments. One day when life has flown by, just like all of your other photos you treasure, you will be elated that you saw value in capturing these moments to look back on and cherish forever.

We are a married couple who work seamlessly together to create your masterpiece. We have over 10 years experience. Randy has an artistic eye and extensive technical knowledge while Lauren has an incredible attention to detail and creative knack for setting up the scenes and posing the models in the most flattering ways. Together we create art in our imagery.